Getting Here

From the M5 motorway one route to Porlock is the A39 main road which goes through some pretty villages and has pleasant views across the Bristol Channel to the Welsh coast.  It's only 30 miles (49km) but it is not a fast road, so it takes about an hour from the speeding traffic on the motorway to the quietness of Drovers.

Alternatively, wind your way across the Exmoor National Park moorland roads and narrow lanes (with a good Satnav) and take in some of the spectacular scenery of the high moors.  There's always the chance of seeing the iconic Exmoor ponies with their light-coloured muzzles or a herd of Red Deer en route.  Raptors are also a common sight and the occasional hare or covey of partridges dancing along the road in front of the car.  Farmers keep Exmoor sheep and Highland cattle running free in certain areas so, if you are lucky, your cross-country journey may be quite an animal safari.

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